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Introduction and Forward

Wed May 04 2011


First and foremost, welcome to


I'd like to dedicate this site to my fiancee, who has, up to this point (and for the foreseeable future) put up with enormous amounts of my crap - I mean, who loves me dearly. She's probably the only person in the world who can deal with my crap on a regular basis and *not* want to kick me in the nuts balls reproductive appendages. I'd also like to dedicate this site to me, since it's going to take a metric crapton of work to build, maintain and update it.

Who the hell am I, and why is this site here?

I am Torabisu. Currently (at the time of writing), I live in Florida in the U.S. This is me (and my better half):

This site (as the name suggests) is mainly about Japan and it's language, as well as my journey in learning it. I decided to learn Japanese for several reasons. My brain is always hungering for more information on anything so why not use that for something constructive that I can apply in the future? Also, I've always loved the Japanese culture as a whole, and want to learn more about it, and I don't just mean all the 'shiny' things that so many otaku (お宅) fawn over. You'll see no articles of me going on about かわいい anime characters. I'm talking about the history, the customs, the way the Japanese think, feel, eat and live. This includes the good, the bad, the ugly, the awesome, the sad, the happy... all of it. Now for a bit more about my background about yours truly. I come from a traditional art background (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.), as well as computer programming. I actually went to college for Video Game Art and Design, and ultimately it's my true passion. I love writing code and seeing the results on the screen. Plus, it's a safe way to blow things up without the FBI showing up at your doorstep :). However, the game industry tanked, and now it's so flooded that it's not truly a stable income for anyone. Doesn't mean I'm giving it up, it just means that I've decided to pursue other avenues instead - but I digress. I figured that there is no better time for me to start learning Japanese than now. And to be honest, since I started, I'm really getting into it. It's so neat to be able to recognize some (granted not much yet at the time of this writing) things that you hear or read. So, in fear of this article running on, let's get started on where I am at thus far... See Also: