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So many Kanji; so little time...

Fri May 06 2011
I just hit my 94th Kanji today - that's almost 百 (a hundred)! I know, it's not that many, considering there's about 2,100 common use kanji out there. But hey, it's a start. Funny thing also, when I look at pages in Japanese, I'm beginning to recognize some of them. Not enough to make sense of it all yet, but I can make out a few. Even with those things in mind, my Japanese still sucks. And in the words of Katsumoto (from AJATT), I'm trying to suck a bit less every day at it. I've also been listening to for a bit now, and have stumbled onto some bands that I really enjoy listening to (or at least the songs I've heard so far). They are: Of course, these won't fit everyone's fancy since they are metal bands. I'm keeping an eye out for other genres as well.