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My Method of Remembering Kanji

Mon May 09 2011
Not to say that I'm far enough along to be set in my ways yet, but what I'm doing thus far seems to be effective. Basically I have been doing a lesson in RTK every day, with the exception of lessons that are over about 3 kanji. I start off by writing the kanji in my sketchbook, along with it's keyword meaning. I then take on board the author's 'story' behind each kanji, and use that to come up with my own. Once I've done this, I head over to Reviewing the Kanji  and enter all of that into a card there. Then, I review the cards, and come back to any I've failed a few hours later (not right away). Update: I now use Anki with the Lazy Kanji Mod for my reviews. When I go back to failed cards, I first try the review again, and typically remember at least half of them. The others I go back and study immediately after the review. I then wait at least another hour before reviewing them again. At this point, if I remember it, I consider it learned and move on. What I have found is if I review, then study the forgotten kanji and immediately review again, I remember it, but later that day I can't. For some reason, sticking some time in between works for me better. I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but you're welcome to try this method and see if it works for you also. Feel free to comment either way. As of the time of this writing, I'm a bit shy of 200 kanji (172 to be exact). I expect to surpass 200 by Wednesday.