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Sun May 15 2011


Well, almost.

I'm actually at 299, but that's just details. That makes me about 1/7th of the way there! At around 400 it'll be 1/5th. to me, this seems huge, although I'm really far off from being able to read much of anything yet. This also doesn't take into account compound kanji, but I'm okay with that. That is another step down the road. I may be slowing down a bit because I've come to realize something that I've been missing so far. Most of what I read has been telling me to memorize from keyword to kanji, not the other way around. I'm not so sure I agree with this only because when I look at Japanese text, I recognize the symbols, but will be damned if I can remember what they mean. So, I'm going to take a couple days and, instead of trying to learn new kanji (or at least a lot), I'm going to work backwards and forwards in terms of kanji->keyword and keyword-> kanji. Hopefully it'll only take a few days to get most of them. Actually, bump this. I'm going to give the AJATT method a better chance than that. From keyword->kanji it is. For now. To clarify, my goal is not to remember every single one. I'd never finish at that rate. It's to remember about 75% of them, which I've been doing to this point already in the keyword->kanji direction. As for kanji->keyword; I'd say this is closer to about 40%. Not good. Not terrible, but not good either. At least I'm past Part I in RTK, and for me that's a milestone. Part II should take a few more weeks, and I suspect Part 3 will take 1-2 months because that's where the bulk of them are.