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400 down, only 1600+ to go...

Thu May 26 2011
I've hit the 1/5th mark today. Retaining new kanji is beginning to get tougher now; not much, but it's not as easy as the first couple 百。The reason for this is that I still review the ones I've already learned along with the new ones using Reviewing the Kanji. At the moment though, I've done about 1,200 reviews, with a roughly 96% retention rate (not bad in my opinion) overall. I have slacked a bit the last week though, and have only been averaging about 15 a day. I'd rather this be 25 a day (it was 28 yeasterday), so next week I'm stepping it up a bit. I'm more than comfortable with my current rate, so I don't think 25 a day for me will be too fast. More updates soon!