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SRS: Setting Up Your Decks For Success

Fri Jul 29 2011
You may have read some posts regarding the Lazy Kanjii Mod, which involves using a pre-set up deck of cards to learn Kanji. While that format somewhat falls in line with the topic at hand, this post focuses primarily on setting up a deck from scratch. Also, this is a more generalized setup that can be used not only for Kanji, but for sentences and other things as well.

The Cards

To begin, let's first review the elements of each card: From here, we have two sides for each card:

Front Side

This is the side that the question goes on. Notes should also be included on this side. For sentences, you may want to include part of the sentence/words here as well to serve as a reminder (though keeping in mind not to be a dead giveaway).

Back Side

This is where the answer resides. This would be the kanji, word or phrase you are trying to remember.

Some Additional Things to Bear in Mind

Here is some additional advice I have run across over the years with other subjects that may help things stick: More posts on this topic coming soon. Further Reading: