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まりもえお!(Marimoeo): Podcasts for Your Immersion Environment

Wed Aug 03 2011
So I heard about a podcast that's done semi-regularly that supposedly has solid content. It's called Marimoe, and as of the time of writing they've published 62 podcasts. The podcasts are done by 3 high school girls from Hokkaido. But before you immediately assume it's all ditzy rambling, know that it's just the opposite. In fact, they pick a topic and have well-organized discussions regarding it in a gender-neutral way. It's good to listen to since it's just talking, with no distractions such as music to keep your attention away from your current task. Even if you can't understand it yet, it's still great to listen to since the speech is so clearly spoken and recorded. Head over to まりもえお and check out their podcasts!