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Falling off the Wagon

Wed Sep 07 2011
We all do it from time to time. We get distracted by other things in life and lose focus of whatever it is we are working on. If you also get stuck in a rut or hit a brick wall, these distraction makes it that much easier to fall off the wagon. Since we all do it, it's okay from time to time, right? Eh - not so much. In fact, I fell off the wagon this last week. Not good. It was a hard fall, and one that I'm now working to recover from. Something I've found after having done this a few times is that it gets worse each time it happens. That's right, every time you let yourself fall off the wagon, it's harder to get back on track. It also makes it easier to slip up again immediately and fall back off before you even fully get back on. Bad. So, I've asked my bride-to-be to give me a verbal kick-in-the-seat-of-the-pants when she catches me slacking. Heck, even a physical kick doesn't hurt from time to time - figuratively speaking of course.