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Day 1: Regular Updates Begin

Wed Sep 21 2011
I've decided to roll with a new idea I heard about. Daily Updates. Crazy, right? Yep, probably definitely. So, what will these daily updates include? Basically, it's like a journal of what I've done that day toward learning Japanese. It's a brief snapshot of where I am on a day-to-day basis. And if I fail to have an update (a.k.a. fail to study) I have to post that as well. The posts won't be long (in fact, they will typically be very short), and only be about the topic of what I'm studying. My other articles about inspiration, tools, etc. will still come out, but be separate. But... why? The answer to this is simple, really. It gives me something that I have to answer to. Nobody likes posting about their failures, so perhaps this will serve as additional motivation. Every day tho? Srsly? One thing I should mention is that these may not necessarily always come out exactly at a specific time, or day-by-day. however, I will be keeping detailed logs of my activity so I can post it later if I'm not able to get to it that day. This doesn't mean I will miss posts, only that they may occasionally be delayed in coming out. Day 1? But, you've been at this for a while... Agreed, but this is day one of the daily updates. Since I only recently started keeping logs of my progress, I can't retroactively post from when I started. So, the cutoff date for this is today. Progress for today: