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RTK Graduation!

Mon Nov 21 2011
Woo-hoo! I've finally gotten through RTK (Remembering the Kanji)! So, what does Graduating RTK mean, exactly? In this case, it means I've gotten through it. I don't have all of them readily available from memory (though a good portion of them seem to be, amazingly), but I've been through all 2,042 kanji in it. This doesn't mean I'm forever done with kanji, but I can just focus on reviews going forward (for now). I expect that the real benefit of this will show itself as I enter the next phase, Sentences. I'm going to write a whole series on sentences, and how I plan to tackle them. So, for now I'll table that discussion. As I may have mentioned before, I actually mixed in learning the kana (ひらがな and カタカナ) in with the Kanji. You may choose to do this, or not. Either way is probably fine. This will likely be the topic of discussion in further articles as well. Truthfully, I actually finished RTK a couple days ago, it just took me a bit to get around to posting this. More to come soon as I begin sentences!