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Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Thu Mar 22 2012
I don't typically take quotes from movies, but in this case Yoda certainly nailed this one on the head. Yoda When it comes down to accomplishing goals, there is no gray area. It's very black and white; you either meet your goal or you don't. Trying to meet a goal is not the same as actually meeting it. If you've only tried, you haven't achieved. You aren't there. Trying to meet a goal won't get you there. Doing things to get you closer to that goal will. Let's put this into perspective for a moment. Say, for example, you have a college project due that is responsible for a large percentage of your overall grade in that class. When it comes time to turn it in, you don't have it done. But you tried right? Maybe you did. But is trying going to get you a good grade if the end result is either non-existent, wrong or incomplete? I think not. So don't try to learn Japanese. Do learn Japanese. Do something to get you a little closer to fluency. Do it today - not tomorrow.