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Why Using Romaji is Bad for your Japanese Health

Fri Jun 08 2012
This topic seems to be somewhat of a debate - though why that is: I don't know. For those of you who are just beginning, you may or may not know that Romaji is a representation of Japanese sounds using the roman alphabet. Romaji is only really useful at the very beginning. Before I jump into the explanation of why it's bad, allow me to begin with the reasons it helps in the beginning of your journey first. While limited, romaji does have its uses in the beginning: ...and that's pretty much it. Once you learn the kana, there really is no excuse to ever use romaji again. Not only will using kana furigana {{1}} style help you learn kanji as you go, but it will reinforce your kana knowledge as well. It's the whole two-birds-one-stone thing. Now, a list of some of the major drawbacks on using Romaji: So, as mentioned above, using romaji is bad for your Japanese health. Exercise your Japanese with real Japanese, not romanized Japanese. Keep your Japanese in shape.   [[1]]Furigana are tiny hiragana written above a kanji to express how the kanji should be read.[[1]]