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Method Change-Up: Sentences Are King

Wed Sep 11 2013
This is the second article in the Method Change-Up series. If you haven't yet read the first, please do so first. The biggest changes in my method for learning Japanese have been detailed in the first article in this series. However, I have made another change (more like a decision, actually) that I'll detail here. A while back, made a post about trying something called MCDs (Massive-Context Cloze-Deletion Card), a concept first introduced to me by this post at AJATT. I decided to give it a go in tandem with my sentences to see how I liked it. In fact, it was so different than how I was used to learning that I actually tried it for over a year. In that article I hinted at possibly switching over to MCDs. However, after trying it for a long time, I have made a decision about this. I've decided that I actually prefer the vanilla sentence method over MCDs. In my opinion, sentences are: King King Why, you ask? It's simple, actually. It's faster. A lot faster. Faster means more exposure in less time, which is better for your Japanese skillz.{{1}} It's faster in a few ways: I think that's all I will go into for this post. Stay tuned for the next one in this series.   [[1]]Did I really just spell that with a "z" at the end? o.O[[1]]