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Sat Dec 07 2013
日本のクリスマスケーキ ( にほん の くりすます けーき / Japanese Christmas Cakes ) are hugely popular in Japan this time of year. A Japanese Christmas Cake A Japanese Christmas Cake They are typically a light sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream, decorated beautifully as is typical with all Japanese food. A slice of Christmas Cake A slice of Christmas Cake In recent years, there are many other variations as well, such as チョコレートケーキ ( ちょこれーと けーき / Chocolate Cake) versions: A Chocolate Christmas Cake A Chocolate Christmas Cake If you're curious about making a 日本のクリスマスケーキ, there is a video recipe here that details all the steps needed to make a beautiful cake. Images sourced from various places among the interwebs.