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Google Images: The Best Japanese Dictionary Available?

Wed May 14 2014
Everyone has used Google-Sensei's fantastic Image Search feature to find things online. Sometimes it gives you whacked results, but most of the time it's pretty spot-on. Google-Sensei: Image Search Google-Sensei: Image Search That being said, most people probably don't think about it being used as a dictionary. Think about it for a moment and it will make sense. If you type in "banana", Google-Sensei will return a wide array of photos featuring bananas. If you enter "car", you'll get a variety of content featuring cars. Why not apply this to language learning? Why not apply this to Japanese? For example, in the article image I entered "バナナ" (banana). Behold, photos of bananas! The next time you are stuck on a word, type it into Google-Sensei's image search. The image feedback has the added bonus of helping it stick in your brain. That is all.