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The Importance of Inspiration

Wed May 18 2016
Inspiration is a powerful thing. Having it can lead to one creating some of the most amazing things in the world. Not having it can leave that same individual in a hamster wheel, just surviving the daily grind. Recently, I've had inspiration on the art front, which is something I have lacked for the past 6 years (probably more, if I am brutally honest). As a result, my skills in drawing and painting slipped significantly. However, upon getting this newly-found inspiration, I feel after a couple weeks that my skills are sharper than they ever have been before. This interests me to no end, and I'm going to research why this is the case. As anyone who's followed this site (ha!) has noticed, my post quantity has been beyond sparse. Almost non-existent. I just haven't been inspired to do it, so it hasn't been getting done. The same happened with my Japanese, but the good news there is I now have a newly-formed study group which is helping a lot. My main point of this post is that inspiration seems to be what motivates things being done, and the lack of inspiration leads to stagnation.