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Japan Trip Announcement!

Tue Nov 08 2016
The time has finally come. After over a decade of wanting to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, the wife and I have booked our tickets. We set off in March of next year. Bearing that in mind, there is much to do! First, I'll need to really brush up on my basic Japanese. I've had troubles as of late with keeping up on it, and it's suffered as a result. Well, sometimes for me a deadline is the best motivation. Now I've got about 4 months to get my Japanese back in shape. o.O Another thing to note is that I will be posting pictures and video of the trip once I return. Note that I won't be taking *tons* of photo and video, but there should be more than enough to go through. I also will not be posting while I am in Japan, since I want to actually focus on the experience there and enjoy it.

Other updates

On another front, I am in the process of combining my accounts in many places, and my YouTube channels are no exception. Going forward, I will only be posting to the channel located here: For reference, the old channel is here:   I will eventually be merging my Twitter accounts as well (although not yet at the time of writing).   I briefly start the conversation on my Japan trip here: I will be posting more updates on this shortly. Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel as well for updates on the trip!