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2019.4.5 - Site Updates

Fri Apr 05 2019

Those of you who have hit this site over the last few years may have noticed several iterations, some of which were far more fancy and complex than this one. Why so simple, you ask? Frankly, those complex iterations required a lot of maintenance on the back end, especially since the last one was a proprietary one. It was nice to use, but ultimately had to be let go due to speed reasons. Simply put, every low-cost hosting solution I've ever used has really slow databases, which all of this fanciness requires.

This iteration is designed to be fast. That is, no database, no fancy connections to my twitter, and no abundant amounts of calls to various APIs - all of which slow down page load times considerably. I'm going old-school here, and personally I love it. Sometimes simple is best.

All the pages from the old site have been extracted to the archive listed below. New pages will be linked here accordingly.

UPDATE: Bump doing this stuff manually. Nobody has time for that.