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More Site Updates

Sat Apr 06 2019

Today I added a few more items. The new About Page gives some background on me as well as this site. It includes links to version 2 and to the previously-thought-to-be-lost version 1 of this site that I created back in college. It's not complete but hey, at least I found part of it. I did a light pass on both archives to make sure that most of them work.

In other news, while I'm continuing work on the NamorvTech engine, I am also working on another project which I cannot yet announce. I'm hoping to be able to announce something later this summer. Really cool stuff, I think.

Given the feedback I've recieved on the YouTube channel regarding choice of direction between the current TypeScript and a C++ version of the engine, I am (for now) deciding to stick with the TypeScript engine and use it to make a few more games. I'm still in the planning stages of those games, but in the meantime I will continue to enhance the engine with stuff I know I'm going to need (like 3d). More videos coming soon about that!