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Devlog #0: The Great Project

Fri Jul 10 2020

I have decided to do a thing. A big thing. I'm going to make a game completely from scratch. Start to finish. Not only the game logic, but the engine which runs it, as well as the art. Possibly even the music.

It's something I've wanted to do for years, and I think I am finally ready to do it. It is going to take a long time, and will be extremely frustrating, but it is time.

I do not yet have a full vision for what the end product will be yet, but I do have a lot of inspiration and a general direction. I'm planning on doing several things:

Where I am at right now

Currently, the project is in the infancy stage. This is probably the most progress I'll make between posts going forward. I've created the project in Visual Studio, split into two main parts - the engine core library and a "sandbox" application that consumes it.

I have created most of the super low level systems already:

As of the time of writing, the engine has a loop, is capable of writing to the console and opens a window. The OpenGL backend is also capable of clearing the screen to a solid colour for now (woooo, big deal, right? Well it's a lot more than you think to get to that point alone when you roll all the platform code yourself).

Anyway, the Game Engine being built is called GameKit, and I do not yet have a name for the game that I'm ready to share. Hopefully soon. To document my progress, here's the very first screen shot I've taken:

Again, nothing impressive yet. But, looking back on this in a few years will feel rewarding (I think/hope). Anyway, off to coding now!