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C Series Overhaul

Sun Feb 14 2021

Yep, you read that right. Just 3 videos in and I've decided to reboot the series.

Quality. Put simply, I was not happy with how the series was going. I felt that I skipped some important things, and that the videos weren't split up/planned out well enough. So, the series is getting a reboot.

The new C series, aptly named Introduction to C, will instead begin with a deep-dive on how computers represent data before jumping into other details like data types and how the compiler works on a high level. I'll also be recording the bulk of the series on Linux, since the workflow there is far simpler than that in Visual Studio. Rest assured, though, Windows users, there will be a video for you too.

I'll be touching on everything from language basics to some of the things that trip people up, like memory and pointers. Once the new series catches up to where the existing one is, I'll take down the existing one.

Here's a the new Introduction to C playlist: