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Thu May 19 2011
Why does this site exist? Simply to document my findings, thoughts and experiences as I progress in learning Japanese. Who knows, it might just help someone else who comes along to see a progression. Most of the sites I've seen don't give this as it happens, it's only a "when I was learning, I did...", which is not the same. Parts of it you might find boring, others not so much. Also, I do intend on posting some content here about game development, and/or development in general. Why learn Japanese? What made you want to start? I've always found other languages fascinating, even when I don't understand them. Japanese is simply at the top of that list. I finally decided one day just to go for it. How do you have the time? Don't you have anything else going on? Of course I have other stuff going on. Lots of it, in fact. However, if you go through life saying, "I'll start it once I finish x and y up", then you'll never get started. There's always things to finish. Things to begin. If you only focus on those, you won't have time for yourself. You can always do more, you just have to get up and actually do it. Being "too busy" is very rarely a valid excuse, especially for something that can work around or even with your schedule, such as learning a language. Isn't it difficult to learn a new language? If it wasn't everyone would be able to speak multiple languages. However, difficult is not the same as impossible. Difficult does not mean you shouldn't try it. Maybe you get into it and decide it's not for you. If this happens, stick with it for another few weeks. If it doesn't change, drop it an move on. But don't quit because it's hard. (Or, don't quit at all!) Look Japanese in the face and say, "Challenge accepted". Man, you must be really smart to pull this off. Ha! Right.... If I had a nickle for every time someone said that and it was true, I'd be... broke. I'm probably not any smarter than your average person. Probably not smarter than you. It's about dedication (and stubbornness) to see it through to the end. What inspired you to use the methods you chose to learn Japanese? Friends for the most part, but also all I've learned from All Japanese All The Time. I give Khatz (AJATT's author) a lot of credit, he's very inspirational while very down to earth. What do you use to help remember everything? See the post I made about Tools I Use. Aren't there more questions? There will be. Give it time, this page will grow as the site does.