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Mon May 16 2011
Last updated: 11.18.2019 Updated! I've decided to reformat the links on this page into sections, as well as add a ton of new links I have come across. Most are free, but the ones that aren't are denoted with a ($). I've also noted the ones that I have found to be particularly useful with a (*). A special thanks to Aikibujin for quite a few of the links in this list. Enjoy!

Phone Applications (Android)

Note there may be equivalents for iOS, but I'm not sure since I don't use it.

Textbooks ($)

Kana Learning Tools


Japanese Practice


Online Dictionaries

Alternate Dictionaries

Japanese Learning Games

Browser Extensions

Japanese Culture

Japanese Newspapers



Native Japanese Exposure

J-blogs (Japanese Blogs)

YouTube J-vlogs (Japanese Video Blogs)

Immigrating to Japan

Additional Resource Sites

Japanese Audio Books

Japanese Audio and Podcasts

Audio Courses ($)

Another List Like This One (Compiled by Koichi)

If there are any links you find useful and would like to see posted, please send me an email at torabisuburoman[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]jp.