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Welcome to all nihongo!

Wed Feb 01 2012
Are you new to this site and unsure where to begin? Let's start with the basics, shall we? I am トラビス (Torabisu), and I run all nihongo. Please allow me thank you for visiting. ありがとうございます!(arigato gozaimasu!)

What is 'all nihongo'?

In addition to the name of this site, "all nihongo" is a play on words between English and Japanese. Written in Japanese, アル日本語 (ある・にほんご/ aru nihongo) is a mix of a Japanese "katakanaized" version of the word "all" and "nihongo", or the Japanese way of saying "Japanese". At the bottom line, this site (or blog, as some would call it) represents a few things. Most importantly, all nihongo is about my process of learning Japanese. It's also a place to detail my progress and methods throughout my journeys of learning 日本語 (にほんご/Japanese). My goal with this site is to help anyone who wants to learn Japanese (or any language, really; the same concepts are applied) get there, maybe without hitting some of the stumbling blocks that I have (and do).

Where do I go from here?

This site is growing in size and will continue to do so as time continues. If you are wondering more about who I am, or more about why this site is here, a fine place to start would be the About page. This link is also available on the table of contents. If you'd like to begin your journey in learning Japanese, I'd suggest you start at the Table of  Contents. Following the links in the order given on this page will help. Find some frequently asked questions (and answers to them) here. This link is also available on the table of contents.